The village of the streams: Rasiglia, in the municipality of Foligno (PG)

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Rasiglia Umbria

An ancient village crossed by fresh and babbling waters, making it a fairy-tale place. Have you ever been to Rasiglia?

Once upon a time there was a mountain village in the territory of Foligno, known by the name of Rasiglia. The village surmounted by a castle built in 1400, of which now remains only part of the Mastio, was a swarm of people who dedicated themselves to the production of fabrics and their coloring, especially wool and were impregnated with the smell of freshly baked bread, born from flours produced in local mills.

The descendants of these working families, some still inhabitants of this unique place, deeply love the land of their origins, so that every year, during the Christmas period, they transformed it into a special Bethlehem, perched in the Umbrian mountains.

Those same hands, making Christmas a real magic, work on looms in the event “Penelope in Rasiglia” (in June, days 9-10), reviving the wise art of weaving in the name of the patient wife of Ulysses, famous character of Greek mythology.

The wise restoration, following the earthquake of 1997, has transformed Rasiglia into a jewel that everyone wants to see, at least once in their lives, maybe outside the busiest days, when the sound of running water leaping into small waterfalls are the only background for a pleasant visit.

Someone runs through its uphill alleys, someone else quenches his thirst with the cool treasure born from the Menotre river springs, few others over eat a sandwich with local salami while relaxing sitting on an Umbrian stone step: the village suits everyone and many people today are rediscovering it as an oasis of peace and well-being.

And do not miss the nearby Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie, colored by the many exvotos left to witness the grace received!


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