UMBRIA IN BLOOM. JUNE 18th-19th, 2016

Join the “Lavender Festival” and the photography class in Castelluccio di Norcia

june 18th, ASSISI and SPELLO

In June, you can enjoy the spectacular blossoming of lavender fields next to Assisi. We will therefore join the “Lavender Festival”, visiting the Lavandeto , a specialized nursery where you can appreciate different types of lavender and other aromatic plants, besides visiting a market selling all kind of products based on lavender. All the participants will receive a lavender drink and a souvenir.

In the late afternoon, you will visit the evocative Bosco di San Francesco in Assisi, where the gardener of the Bosco will introduce the participants to the several types of plants cultivated in the garden and the spontaneous ones in the woods. The meeting point will be at the Complesso di Santa Croce, where you can also visit the church and the exhibition showing the renovation of the area carried out by FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano, non-profit trust dedicated to the environment).

If you also want to visit the Roman and medieval architecture of Spello, this is the best period to do it, as the alleys and terraces in the historical center crawl with flowers, because of a traditional contest among inhabitants.

June 19th Castelluccio di Norcia and photography class with the professional photographer Giulio Ielardi

An entire day dedicated to admiring and photographing Castelluccio di Norcia in bloom, one of the most spectacular and colorful area in Italy. The plateau offers a great variety of colorful flower, from poppies to bluebottles and lentil flowers.

In the afternoon, you will join a photography class taught by the professional photographer Giulio Ielardi , learning how to shoot a landscape, a flower or an animal. Giulio is the author of several reportages which have been published on the best magazines and guides dedicated to nature. When he talks about his work, he says: “I consider naturalistic photography an extraordinary tool to communicate the beauty of nature and the urgency to preserve it: also, it is a tool to grab a non-artificial dimension of our presence on the planet, which is also important”.

In Italian, there is a term for specialty butcher shop that is “norcineria”, which comes from the name Norcia. Within the abundance of scents and flavors you feel here, you will understand why it is called like this. During the day, a picnic will be organized with the typical products in Serravalle di Norcia.

GREEN PACK € 90 PER PERSON (minimum 10 participants), which includes:
✽ Visit to the Lavendeto in Assisi
✽ Visit to the Bosco di San Francesco and meeting with the gardener
✽ Photography class with the professional photographer Giulio Ielardi
✽ Picnic bag with typical products from Serravalle di Norcia
✽ Umbria Green Card
✽ Insurance

The price does not include:
✽ Accomodation
✽ Meals
✽ Tips, if desired
✽Everything that does not appear on the “the pack includes” list

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